I am a global citizen with home the place my family are. Born and schooled in the Pacific -New Zealand and the Cook Islands, life learning in  - Australia, UK, Europe, Middle East and America so far.  

My purpose is to light-en up the world. The channels I use as a change-maker allow me to bring this to life and make a difference in every interaction.

For many years I have worked alongside a global team of passionate people, to awaken heart, spirit and purpose within the business world. As a facilitator and coach, I believe that we can make organisations more human and change the dynamic of machine over woman and man.

By creating sustainable personal power through living a values and purposed based life and collaborating as effective creative teams this is possible in our lifetime and now needed now more than ever.  

As a poet the rhyme comes to me through what i experience as intuitive flow. The words and rhythm fall quickly onto the page. It makes me smile, even giggle sometimes and if my reader or listener feel a little of the same, purpose complete.

Going public with my poetry is a big step for me. It has brought up doubts and insecurities that asked me to choose to be vulnerable and brave or not. I have decided to lighten up and step into my artist shoes and take my first steps. Where these steps will go i have no idea but the sense of adventure excites me. 

To my extended family and friends  - thank you for your love, support and challenge. Your first responses to the poems inspired me to continue to tune in and write down what i heard inside. The African Proverb says - ‘it takes a village to raise a child” well you all helped raise this poet.