The Zone

Our values and purpose led approach to transforming cultures makes organisations more human and more effective. I joined the team in 2000 and since then have worked in 20 + different countries. An adventure that continues.

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For the last 5 years i have been training facilitators across Europe to work more effectively with groups and unleash collective intelligence. It is this unlimited resource that is home to creativity and innovation.



We train facilitators and leaders to get the best out of their groups and teams and explore a new concept called collective intelligence.

I first came across the Zenergy approach when i joined The Zone. Experiential learning was completely new to me and wow did it challenge me to show up as a facilitator and leader. Helping facilitators grow is a passion for me. The work we do takes courage and it can be a lonely place if operating solo. I am grateful for the support and love I have received along my journey from the facilitation community especially Dr Dale Hunter and Liam Forde.

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