2016 Reflection

Dear Santa

Here's my analysis of 2016

the highs and lows and everything in between

Using a GUBA was a good call

helping me to see the impact of it all.


Despite the negative bias of my mind

I can see there are more wins than there were last time

Big or small it all adds up

to the happiness of our mutual cup


The decision is yours ultimately in the end

if I make it onto  the tip of your famous pen.

My name on your list oh what joy to behold

a goal in itself as I feel like an seven year old.




Good girl or bad What have I been ?

do I really care If it's all basically a scheme

Mark me down or mark me up

the ongoing consumerism just makes me want to chuck !


Outsourcing my grade to a old old man

in the name of a story that  needs to end

Power on up and put in self drive

2017 awaits with a hunger to thrive


How I see myself will start to make out the slate

as I walk or run through that inviting gate.

Connect to my best self the one my soul knows

that needs no holiday validation to get up and go.


For it is in here that I really know

the path that I travel is my show

And with that in mind I create my own list

of people who helped me get to this kiss

Thank you all, my reverence runs wide

for the memories and learnings that are forged inside


As I close out my book on 2016

I say peace and love and now ...a  new dream.


© Corina Roobeck 

GUBA is a debriefing tool - good, ugly, bad and awesome.

GUBA tool ©   The Zone

GUBA tool © The Zone