Hey yes I had the company tour 

got my resources and ready to whirl 

Hold on I need to attend a dozen meetings 

back to back says my diary sending me greetings 


When do I pee, let alone eat 

fuel to my body and brain cells to meet

Shut up and move on says the company song

we don’t want the share price to be prolonged. 


Sit in that meeting, laptop open and pretend 

you know what's going on, its a doodle my friend 

Suppress your voice is a safety net you see

no judgment incurred, no fear of reprieve. 


For all those ideas and things that you know 

could of course put on a terrific show 

Under the dominance of another’s loud voice 

it's easy to make a lesser choice


Leaving the office at the end of the day 

done enough to earn my pay

Energy spent no time for the next 

numb my heart and sleep the rest. 




What's with this suffering here at work 

hey I'm not talking about all the perks

To set myself free and express my true voice

its my human need to have that choice. 


For the value of work is to important to waste 

done right it can be full of human grace 

We need each other to break the tolerance chatter 

so we can focus on and change what really matters 


Standing up for what you know to be true 

has been a centuries old struggle for us to endure

We need it now more any ever 

to pave the path our children to gather 


For what do we leave them as they turn the key

cross the welcome mat of employment you see 

Is it more of the same or a difference they will feel 

I hope its the latter if it's up to my deal.  


So come all adults, connect with your heart 

Add in the head, the gut and lets really get smart 

From this place trust the results will flow 

doing whats right….. its the best of human you know. 

Poem written during the 2017 Global Social Change Summit

©Corina Roobeck