Working hard night and day

Working hard night and day

Grinding away to get our pay

When everything has been said and done

We go home with our spirits undone


What's this life we craving out

This is no way to put it about

Make a life not a living

If we don't we end up killing


Killing ourself our soul inside

Each and every day another bit subsides

The heart contracts the hate expands

When will this really end my man


To the rescue the self help peeps

With their trusty swords of transformation speak

Follow the process do the work

Come out shiny and then face the dirt


Knowing who you are and what you believe

Is a very powerful key

Go unlock the destiny gate

For you my friend control your fate


Living a values and purpose based life

Is the 21st century knife

From this space you can earn your grace

And put to bed... the machine lead race.

©Corina Roobeck